hugoWREN is our go to company for all of our Mac concerns. We have benefitted by utilizing their services for over five years and have always received consistent, polite, efficient service. They have freed us of worrying about our tech issues and allowed us more time to concentrate on our business at ...Read More

Aisha Fowlin Yetman
Laurence M. Deutsch Law Firm P.C.

Small businesses such as mine are so busy dealing with the day to day demands that it is helpful to have someone who can advise on ways to be more effective with our technology and business software. hugoWREN keeps me up to date with what I am using and what I can improve to make my company more efficient. ...Read More

Alayne Patrick
Layla Brooklyn

The team at hugoWREN is so knowledgeable, it makes working with them a no brainer. When I reach out, they listen, find the best path to take, and make the right recommendations. We have saved money working with them, which is the bottom line.

Anthony Fauci
Runnin' Wild

Excellent training and customer service. The hugoWREN tech was amazingly patient and we got the best advice on which system to get for our company. Our lives on both ends (shop and administration), are way easier than before.

Bettina Sorg
Art Director
Editions de Parfums

In moments of what can seem like total crisis it is important to have someone that is instantly available. The hugoWREN team has always been there when we needed help.

Christopher Garrison

I love how easy it is to get help when I need it. I am the worst with technology and the hugoWREN team always makes it so easy to fix any issues in a timely manner. They explain things perfectly and when I need remote support they walk me through to proper steps to get things up and running fast.

Dabney Woglom
Dabney Lee

I have used hugoWREN since the inception of my business over three years ago. From my first interaction with the team I immediately felt like I was in good hands. Working with hugoWREN has saved me time and money. I wish all IT support teams were so easy to understand and so personable!

Gaia DiLoretto
By Brooklyn

hugoWREN has taken the time to learn our business and what’s crucial to how we operate. They have come up with creative, highly productive, and cost sensitive solutions for our business needs. The team has the ability to explain involved issues in laymen terms and with their assistance, our staff ...Read More

Jesse de la Rama
Head of Operations

It’s comforting to know that in this technical world we live in there’s a tech doctor (so to speak), out there when we need one. Whether its remote log-in connectivity or computer crashes, the solutions have always been guided and straightforward and every experience has been satisfactory. There’s ...Read More

Judy Kow
Managing Member
Tarzian West

From the beginning we felt comfortable with the whole team and that we are getting honest feedback. We’re happy with all of our experiences. Members of hugoWREN came by for an emergency and ended up calling Verizon and Time Warner for us to figure out tech related stuff so my team wasn't languishing ...Read More

Kelly DeMarco
Managing Director
David Weeks Studio

I enjoy working with hugoWREN because they are efficient, trustworthy, and have helped our startup business tremendously with our connection and network needs. Since our business opened, they have been there advising on how to operate more smoothly and its been very beneficial for our workflow. It’s ...Read More

Lauren Jaramillo
Office Manager
Opperman Weiss

We feel thankful to have an IT dept without actually needing to have an IT dept. Everything is explained in a way that I feel fully informed to make the best decision for my business. I have never been led astray!

Lauren Merkin
Lauren Merkin

hugoWREN is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and organized. I have worked with them for several years and know that when I am working with them I am getting the most educated answers and advice. The team has helped us get to a whole new level of business. They are one of the most well ...Read More

Michele Gay
Alcone Company & Mutual Hardware Corp.

I enjoy the responsiveness of hugoWREN customer service, the streamlined workflow design, and the personalized attention we get when needed. We think the team at hugoWREN is awesome.

Monica Montgomery
Visitor Services Lead
BLDG 92/Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp

The hugoWREN team has always gone the extra mile to ensure that we are covered with what we need for our IT issues. Whether it is a networking issue or setting up a Point of Sale-things get handled the right way. Lucky we found this company!

Peter Denholtz
Henley Vaporium

Some of the best aspects of working with hugoWREN are their fast response time, how knowledgeable their team is, and their competitive pricing. Since our computers are proactively monitored, we have very little downtime. We can count on hugoWREN to come through and provide us with superior support.

Sam Minnitti
Galison Publishing

Our overall experience with hugoWREN was nothing short of stellar. Working with the team allowed us to get up and running with very little learning curve. Having someone you know, not just some person over the phone, was invaluable to our success.

Vitto Vacca
Store Manager
Kite + Key